• Greater West was established to bring quality to the field of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and¬†Massage.

    Natural treatments including acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and others have been evolving for centuries, however have only recently been accepted as a viable option in the treatment of serious issues. Issues such as Infertility, irritable bowel, weight loss and anxiety are all combatted with natural therapies.

    Greater West only hires absolute experts in their field so as to ensure our clients have access to the brightest practitioners, giving them the best chance for success.


  • Chang-Ming (Robert) Kang C.M.D. Ac.D.

    Robert hails from Beijing, China, having first studied medicine in the 1980's He practiced TCM extensively in his homeland, before attaining his PHD in Chinese Medicine. Robert moved his family for a lifestyle change to Ontario, Canada where he worked as a successful practitioner for over a decade.

    Fertility: Robert Specializes in a many conditions, however Fertility Treatment is very close to his heart. Working either with or without the aid of IVF or hormonal therapy, Robert has a long history of increasing his clients' chances of falling pregnant. To be able to aid couples in their family planning is a satisfying experience.

    We are fortunate to have Robert Kang leading the TCM department.

    Angie Hawke Dip Remedial Massage.

    Angie has trained with internationally renowned beauty clinics in Australia and has a rich background in various massage arts. Her demeanour and strength in the clinical arena keeps her delivering results time and time again with her loyal band of clients. There isn't a patient that isn't wowed by her healing hands when they walk out of the room. She has an artistic flare, with a corporate edge; combine this with an outdoors infatuation and you have an interesting mix for a massage therapist!

    Andrew Vecchio  Dip Remedial Massage.

    Andrew is a local boy through and through. With an intense love of soccer, he has worked with Sydney FC and some of the biggest names in the game.. He specializes in sports and remedial massage and has a cool approach to treatment. He will deliver on his goals and set you up for a good season, or training regime. he is also an avid martial artist!

    Daniel Maytom (Ex Phys) Massage and Aromatherapy

    Daniel has magic hands. His ability to concentrate and focus his energies into his massages gives him incredible control over your tension. He will combine aromatherapy and massage techniques into a session that you'll never forget.