• This is an important first step, but most people never make it this far!

    th_iStock_000003177212XSmallAll of our clinicians are expertly trained to pick up conditions that may need more medical intervention, so you can be rest assured that you will end up in the right hands. Our practitioners will guide you along the path to recovery by utilizing holistic health principles and an extended network of Specialist's and GP's. If we can't fix you, we probably know someone who will!

    We are normally able to give you an appointment within 24 hrs of your phone call. Contact us today for the change you need.

  • On your first appointment, the therapist will do a thorough examination...

    th_iStock_000004747002XSmall...so it is important to bring with you:

    • X-Rays, CT scans, Ultra sounds or MRI's if you have had any, both old and recent
    • Operation Reports
    • List of any medications that you take

    The therapist will then perform a treatment on you that is relevant to your condition to address the problems that have been isolated in the examination. Hopefully, you will be walking away feeling much better...

  • The therapist will explain clearly what it will take to improve or fix your condition...

    th_iStock_000004763093XSmall...as well as a plan of attack for future treatments. When you leave you should know:

    • What condition you have
    • How serious it is
    • How long it will take to get better
    • How often you will need to attend therapy
    • Who else you may need to see

    We try to make it clear and concise because when you have an injury or pain, the less complicated your life, the better!

  • Due to having HICAPS installed in all of our clinics, payment is quick and easy if you have a health fund.

    If not, don't worry, every other method of paying is accepted (Except AMEX).

    Unfortunately we do not start accounts for deferred payments unless under extreme circumstances, and a down payment on a plasma TV is not an extreme circumstance...