Acupuncture for Depression Works!

By Madison Moore

depressionAcupuncture is a traditional Chinese method of unblocking "blocked energy" from various pathways to energy called "chi" or "qi" (pronounced as key). Depression, on the other hand, is a mood disorder that affects an individual's normal daily life functioning. It has either psychological or physical adverse effects or, most of the time, both effects.

The standard treatment used by conventional medicine or by licensed medical practitioners is to give relief to a person complaining of depression by prescribing anti-depressant drugs and/or psychotherapy.


Is Acupuncture a Reliable Method for an Anxiety Cure?

By Chris M. Malcolm

anxietyPeople who are chronic sufferers of anxiety and depression often seek radical ways of permanently addressing their problems whenever everything else fails. Prescription drugs such as anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants fall short in the long term cure for chronic anxiety problems. They are there only for immediate and short-term relief of anxiety symptoms and nothing more. For many sufferers, chronic symptoms should not be addressed by chronic medications that would render them dependent on prescription drugs all their life. They do not want to contend with managing anxiety problems anymore; they want a total and permanent cure once and for all for their chronic anxiety problems. A lot of them now are looking into alternative ways for anxiety cure and one of these methods is acupuncture.