Is Acupuncture a Reliable Method for an Anxiety Cure?

By Chris M. Malcolm

anxietyPeople who are chronic sufferers of anxiety and depression often seek radical ways of permanently addressing their problems whenever everything else fails. Prescription drugs such as anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants fall short in the long term cure for chronic anxiety problems. They are there only for immediate and short-term relief of anxiety symptoms and nothing more. For many sufferers, chronic symptoms should not be addressed by chronic medications that would render them dependent on prescription drugs all their life. They do not want to contend with managing anxiety problems anymore; they want a total and permanent cure once and for all for their chronic anxiety problems. A lot of them now are looking into alternative ways for anxiety cure and one of these methods is acupuncture.


Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese art of inserting needles to various acupuncture points in the body to facilitate a continuous and natural energy flow that was otherwise blocked in cases of both neurological and physiological disorders. Modern uses of acupuncture include a holistic recuperating therapy to treat certain discomforts, pain management and anxiety and depression treatment.

Acupuncture provides certain effects on the body which are observed to be consistent for all treatments and applications. These are the following:

  • The patient receives strength, energy and vitality, upon recovery.
  • It is an immune system booster.
  • It relieves or eliminates pain, and greatly reduces the need for pain killers.
  • The recovery periods for patients is significantly shortened with continuous acupuncture therapy sessions.
  • Symptoms of stress are found to be greatly reduced as well as marked improvement in blood circulation as a result of acupuncture therapy sessions.
  • It is proven to have no side effects whatsoever, so it can be administered in parallel with medical treatments.
  • Anybody can undergo acupuncture therapy sessions even without any specific disease or ailment and still gain benefits of energy and strength renewal.

Treatment for depression and anxiety

Neurological and psychological ailments are found to be properly addressed when the patient undergoes acupuncture treatment. This may include depression and anxiety disorders. Patients attest to having a more positive disposition and are generally light and happy after their acupuncture therapy sessions. Insomnia, which is a major cause of anxiety and depression, is also relieved through acupuncture. This technique could be a very promising anxiety cure as well as relieving symptoms of depression.

There are still debates and doubts regarding the effectiveness and the seemingly radical and unorthodox methods used by acupuncture practitioners in the medical and scientific field. But slowly, many medical practitioners are adopting this technique for a variety of medical purposes, especially in the field of pain management and psychological disorders which include anxiety. Still, many are dismissing the acupuncture treatment method as only having a placebo effect on patients. Whether this assumption has merit or not, it is up to the scientific community to refute or accept it once and for all. As for now, it is a fact that acupuncture is gaining popularity in the medical profession and chronic anxiety sufferers can still resort to this treatment method in their quest for a permanent anxiety cure.

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