Acupuncture For Fertility - Questions & Answers to Ease Your Mind

By Lilian Bell

infertilityWhen considering acupuncture for fertility, several question come up. I have answers to some of those questions that will ease your mind and calm your nerves about those little needles. You would not be incorrect to think that many Western medical professionals treat acupuncture for fertility with a degree of skepticism and using acupuncture tends to be the last resort often times for couples that have tried every other traditional method.


Acupuncture For Fertility - Appropriate For You?

By Joseph Conrad

fertility-treatment-1_s600x6002Acupuncture for Fertility - Tracing Its Roots

Acupuncture, which originated in China, is over a thousand years old. In the West, many people in the field of medicine consider it a valid procedure for treating an array of ailments. It can remedy muscle tension, improve skin condition and get rid of smoking, to name a few. Recent research findings show that using acupuncture for fertility purposes can be effective.


PCOS and Acupuncture

By Bret Ellington

zzpic20pcovaryFor many women, losing weight is a never-ending struggle. No matter how hard they try, the pounds just won't come off. All the dieting and endless hours in the gym leave them feeling fatigued, hungry and infinitely frustrated with lack of progress. Well, guess what? It might not be your fault. You may have a hormonal condition call Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), making it all but impossible to lose the weight you want to lose. There are many possible symptoms for PCOS and treatment options are available from both Eastern and Western medicine. Western treatments involve different types of hormone therapy, while Eastern treatments rely on acupuncture and herbal therapy.