How Does Massage Therapy Help Eliminate Muscle Knots?

By Greg Wood

iStock_000010007015XSmallPinched Nerve In Neck? Feel Like You Have Pinched a Nerve In Your Neck? Tried Chiropractic? Massaging muscle knots is instinctive. When we feel a knot in the muscles of our back, most of us reach back to massage it, without even knowing just why massage helps eliminate them knots.


Lower Back Muscle Pain - The TCM Perspective

By Melanie Steeden

acupunctureIn Chinese Medicine, pain occurs when there is obstruction in the flow of Qi and Blood through the channels, organs and tissues. Pain is most often a subjective ailment involving physiological, emotional and psychological issues and can thus be quite difficult to treat, especially more so in the Western medical paradigm, as western science has only in very recent times, understood and acknowledged the importance of the emotional and psychological factors in causing diseased states.