• Dr Kang has a special interest in the treatment of infertility caused by a variety of conditions

    •  endometriosis
    • female hormone imbalance (FSH, E2, LH, prolactin, progesterone)
    • polycystic ovaries
    • fibroid
    • male factor infertility
    • unexplained infertility

    Working for nearly two decades with families who are in search of something more than the conventional, he has been able to bring joy to those who have all but lost hope. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has documented evidence in clinically controlled trials that confirm its benefits.

    When used with the aid of IVF or hormonal therapy, TCM and Acupuncture may beneficially increase your success rate significantly, therefore, reduces the costs and time of having another round of IVF or hormonal therapy. 

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